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    Caulking Gun 380mm

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    Caulking Gun 600mm

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    Fischer Adhesive Foam f. Gun 750ml

    Fischer Adhesive Gun foam f. gun PUP 750 750ml

    The fischer hardly flammable gun foam PUP B1 750 has high flame resistance as per building material class B1 of DIN 4102-1. This makes it suitable for the filling and sealing of joints with fire protection requirements. In addition, it is suitable for the highly effective thermal insulation of ETICS façades. The gun foam is also used for fixing and sealing in roofs and walls and for sealing window connection joints. The easy dosability enables controlled filling and insulation as well as saving on costs. The grey fischer PUP B1 750 has a solid valve that offers top security against blockages and the loss of gas. Protective gloves for end users are included.


    • The PUFS is hardly flammable in line with the B1 test and can therefore be used between solid, mineral or metal building materials. Thus it provides the highest level of safety.

    • The high-quality solid valve prevents adhesion when being stored horizontally or during long interruptions of work, thus guaranteeing long-lasting functionality.

    • The easy dosage allows for a controlled filling and sealing, and ensures that the correct amount is used.


    As a small streamlined business we are able to deliver to quality products at a great price. Although we deliver Australia wide our business offers super quick and reliable service to Melbourne and especially the Bayside area as we are located in Highett. We also deal with a large range of reliable tradesman so if you are looking for the right tradesmen for your job we can connect you without delay.

    This product is part of our large selection of our adhesive and sealants range and your can find more information about it on the fischer website.

    Fischer Adhesive foam

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    Foam Gun

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    iQuip Adhesive Gun Foam f. gun 750ml

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    Marco Pesaro Mortar Grouting Gun

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    Marco Pesaro Sausage Gun 600ml

    MH Sausagegun 600ml