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  • $16.50

    Acid Brush Nylon Fibre

    MH Rubb Block

  • $11.00

    OX Brickies Brush Coco Fibre

  • $17.60

    OX Brickies Brush Poly Fibre

  • $22.55

    Tampico Brush

    Tampico Water Brush



    As a small streamlined business we are able to deliver to quality products at a great price. Although we deliver Australia wide our business offers super quick and reliable service to Melbourne and especially the Bayside area as we are located in Highett. We also deal with a large range of Renderer’s so if you are looking for a quality job done we can connect you without delay.

    This product is part of our large selection of Rendering tools and more information can be found on our suppliers website.


    Tampico Water Brush


  • $7.70

    Uni Pro Paint Brush 63mm

  • $8.80

    Uni Pro Paint Brush 75mm

    Uni Pro Brush 75mm