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  • $44.00

    Marco Pesaro Sausage Gun 600ml

    MH Sausagegun 600ml

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    Soudal SMX35 Polyurethane Sealant 600ml Concrete Grey

    Soudal Multibond SMX35 Seal & Stretch Concrete Grey 300ml



    Multibond SMX35 is a high quality, single component, permanently flexible joint sealant. Perfect for internal & external applications. Based on SMX® Polymer Multibond SMX35 has a “Shore A” hardness of 35 and can accommodate movement of ± 20 %. Multibond SMX35 has excellent UV resistance, elasticity and can be sanded and painted with most types of paint. Once cured forms a strong, flexible, waterproof seal and bonds to the widest range of substrates. Multibond SMX35 can be used for damp and wet surfaces.



    Multibond SMX35 – Seal & Stretch is ideal for a wide range of sealing applications in construction and industrial including…..

    • Expansion joints

    • Joints under waterproofing membranes (water-based, solvent-based and acrylic)

    • Masonry and precast concrete joints

    • For sanitary, bathroom and kitchen areas (resists mould growth)

    • For walls and perimeter joints

    • For water retaining structures (Concrete Grey water potable approved)

    • For lap joints in roofing, guttering and cladding,

    • For air conditioning ducting,

    • For caravan, bus and automotive use

    • For window and door frames.



    • Elastic sealant

    • Highly flexible ±20%

    • Internal & external

    • Multipurpose

    • UV Resistant



    As a small streamlined business we are able to deliver to quality products at a great price. Although we deliver Australia wide our business offers super quick and reliable service to Melbourne and especially the Bayside area as we are located in Highett. We also deal with a large range of reliable applicators so if you are looking for the right coatings specialist we can connect you without delay.

    This product is part of our large selection of sealant and adhesive supplies and you can find more information and data sheets on this product by following the links to the Crommelin website.



    Soudal Sealant

    Tech Data Soudal Sealant

    MSDS Soudal Sealant


  • $11.00

    Soudal SMX35 Polyurethane Sealant 600ml White

  • $6.60

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 230mm (1)

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 230mm (1)

  • $15.40

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 230mm (3)

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 230mm (3)

  • $6.60

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 270mm (1)

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 270mm (1)

  • $19.80

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 270mm (3)

    Uni Pro Cover 10mm nap 270mm (3)